say their names

is the culmination of over a year, attending 27 black lives matter protests and creating art that was shown in 3 exhibits, on the streets of New York City.

As a white man I will never experience racism, but as a Jew, I have experienced outright antisemitism. and that, along with other experiences I have had, is why I have great empathy for people of color.

It was a privilege and an enriching experience to be able to devote myself to telling these stories and to try, in small part, to end the violence that is perpetrated against people of color and which is the tip of the cold hard iceberg that is systemic racism.

It is important to listen to these stories. It is also important to teach the history of racism in the USA. We cannot move forward if we do not understand the past. The list of names grows longer, So watch “Say Their Names” and then Say Their Names!

david reibman